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Comment, Critique, Chuck a Leopard

Have something to say about old man Thanatos? Be it praise, comment, or raze, post here! IP logging is off, anonymous commenting enabled, and everything's screened.

Decomposition Stages:

If you have any further concerns, please post them! I'll reply as soon as possible. Anonymity is enabled, IP logging is off, all comments are screened by default.

Fighting with Death: Sure! Hope you don't mind clawed deathgrip around your throat.
What's okay to mention around him: Everything and anything.
Abilities: Draining life from all living things (he doesn't go around taking lives willy-nilly. Even Thanatos has ethics), rotting and wilting and rusting things, traveling through/becoming/rising from shadows, melting away his skin, unnerving people, startling everyone, transforming into a giant winged skeletal nightmare. Also he can stalk people's breath and heartbeat.
Notes for the psychics/magically or spiritually sensitive: You'll feel something unsettling about him unless you don't mind/enjoy what he stands for.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Certainly. Thanatos doesn't take kindly to aggression, though.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Go ahead, but he's cool to the touch. Death is never warm.
Maim/Murder/Death: Maiming is fine (he was body slammed in the face by a tree and propelled into rocks in the show). And no, you cannot kill Death. While he's a god, anyway.

Backtagging: Feel free to - it's always okay.
Threadhopping: Also always okay. Death'll be confused for a moment.
Fourthwalling: I prefer not and will roll with it if it comes up, but Thanatos doesn't give a damn.

In addition, I know what he stands for is a sensitive matter (especially since he's so casual about it), so if I tag you and it's not a good time (you're in mourning), tell me and I'll back off.

Decomposition Stages:


Post whatever you want here! Anonymous commenting is enabled, IP logging is off, all comments are screened. Please note if you want a response that's in-character (him) or out (me).

Decomposition Stages:

Death in Depth

Here be a character meme, graciously stolen! Feel free to reply in-character or out if they (or you) have a question - I'll gladly explain. Thanatos probably won't, any further than he has.

Not the New, Improved Character Survey of MorosCollapse )

Decomposition Stages:

Death's Calendar

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Who Has Hades' Helm

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