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He died when a fig struck his lips.

Alas, Thanatos is never at a loss for an occasion.

19 January
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Thanatos copyright Class of the Titans. I do not own him. But he will own our lives.

acting, adamantium chains are overrated, campe is cool, children helping their elders, class of the titans, death, distracting people, draining life, dressing classy, elysium fields, escaping control, fall, gentle death, get over it, gods reject me, helmet of darkness, hypnos, keeping the rock rolling, king minos, mortals hate me, not being overwhelmed, not being tricked, not eros, nyx, omega, playing the lost oldtimer, punctuality, recapturing sisyphus, sissyphus indeed, surprise!, tartarus, the number 13, the underworld, unmoved by woos, winter